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  • #airasia (at 38,000ft above sea level)

  • #airasia #soetta #airport #aviation (at Bandara International Soekarno-Hatta)

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    I’m not even in this fandom, but hearing this made me feel so much better about life

    I needed this today.

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    steve don’t just accept that bullshit

    that must have been some fucking witchcraft blue pulled to get that up there

    That look on his face

    “Fuck, whatever. My fucking salt talks to me. This is actually normal for me.”

    My fucking salt talks to me.

    this guy

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    Liz Climo on Tumblr.

    Previoulsy: 1 - 2

    this is adorable

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  • First try making shakshouka #vscocam #shakshouka #shakhuka #middleeasternfood

  • Finally :D #vscocam #watchdogs

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    Terry Crews on Ray Rice.

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  • Christina Hoff Sommers, the Factual Feminist

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  • "If you love games, [gamers] don’t really care about your age, your race, your ethnicity, your gender, your sexual preference. They just want to game."